Lois Sprengnether Keel, (LoiS), is a Michigan storyteller, and has a wide variety of storytelling programs or can create one just for you. Historical reenactments include a woman who experienced the Underground Railroad and the Civil War homefront, a one-room schoolteacher, a “hired girl”, and 1950s memories. Her program about World War I, appearing as a Michigan “Hello Girl” (bilingual telephone operator) in France is also Women’s History. Prohibition, “High Times in the Dry Times”, is the newest program. LoiS tells stories from the Great Lakes or your choice of country or continent (for example Australia or Africa), spooky stories, Native American tales (especially Anishinabe - also called Chippewa or Ojibwe), tall tales, specific characters or animals (such as Paul Bunyan, the Hodja, Anansi, Rabbit, Turtle and others). A program of LoiS storytelling may also be enriched by the use of puppets, music, dance, or American Sign Language.

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