NSN 2012 Conference Closing Keynote – Bill Harley

The 2012 National Storytelling Conference was “A Conference to Remember.”  Like the Akan “Sankofa” mythical bird which looks back while moving forward, we remember the wisdom of the past so we can reach our future potential.

Forty years on in the storytelling renaissance, we are at the end of something, which means we’re at the beginning of something else.  What is our place in the arts world, in the world of education, and in our culture?  What steps can we take individually and as a community to nurture our work?  Two time Grammy award winning artist and NSN Circle of Excellence recipient, Bill Harley, offered his thoughts about how we got here and where we might go, looking at storytelling as a performance art, a teaching tool, and builder of community, finishing with some charges for us to take home.

Where Do We Go From Here? The state of storytelling – my perspective
by Bill Harley

Click to Listen – (56 minutes)



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