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David and Sarah

by W. Kirk Avery The names have been changed but not what happened. Many years ago now, a simpler time and life space perhaps, what was real then was just never before written down. With each passing season, fewer and fewer folks who actually lived in the village back then are still around even to […]

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A Land Twice Promised: A Conversation with Noa Baum

By Caren Neile. Teller Noa Baum’s new show, “A Land Twice Promised,” details four women’s experience of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The show is based on Noa’s childhood in Israel, as well as on countless stories from her mother, her Palestinian friend Juana LaBolle, and her friend’s mother. In this interview with HSA Social Action Committee

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Story as Soul Food

by Lorraine Calbow. Teaching for over 20 years, I’ve learned to trust in the power of story. I have observed first hand that metaphor invokes and is indeed the language of the soul. Story, an elongated metaphor, allows indirect learning to occur because each person gets to decide what is relevant and meaningful. Indirect learning

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