Connected Virtual Storytelling Conference & Festival

To access recordings of workshops, keynotes, performances, and panel discussions from previous Connected Conferences, click here.

Call for Proposals opening soon!

At our inaugural event in 2020, we featured 253 storytellers from around the world telling stories, hosting, delivering keynotes, or leading workshops or panel discussions. It was the largest and most diverse storytelling conference and festival in U.S. history. Over 9 days and 82 hours, we trained dozens of storytellers to use this new medium and brought the connection and wisdom of storytelling to homes around the world. With Storytelling Spotlights from every continent (except Antarctica), this was truly a global event – the first of its kind!

Even if you didn’t attend this ground-breaking event live, you can experience it through NSN’s new virtual library. Travel to a South African living room, Irish beach, Dubai garden, and Indonesian workshop, all from the comfort of your favorite chair! This diverse collection of global stories and tellers will transport you to other times and places, challenge and reinforce your beliefs, provide windows into lives unlike your own, and bring you safely home.

If you enjoy a particular teller, please consider supporting them by buying their books or recordings, hiring them for coaching, or sharing their work with others who would like them. We are all in this together. We are all CONNECTED.

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