Earth Up: Keynote Nomination Form


Submissions Are Now Closed

Stories and Science: Eco-justice, Action, & Hope

 Empower your mind. Empower your spirit. Empower your very soul.

Stories speak to the head through the heart, and our hearts are aching a lot these days as fires, floods, droughts, typhoons, a loss of biodiversity, heat islands, COVID and a questionable future plague our every waking minute. In addition to these miseries, the ongoing racial injustice that feels endemic to our nation, is crushing the health and spirit of many black, brown, and indigenous communities. These issues are not separate, and this year’s Earth-Up conference will focus on creating and sharing stories about this essential intersection. We want to leave this conference with stories that we can use in our communities, legislature, and local governments to wake everyone up to this confluence and compel us all to commit to a clean, just future.

NSN is seeking nominations for Keynote speakers who could address the role of storytelling in informing people about the connections between climate change and social justice, and motivating listeners to take action.

Submissions are now closed

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