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ExpressBuzz (Chenai, India), February 10, 2010


No one who sat in the intellectual audience at IIT Madras on a Sunday afternoon would’ve imagined that a story of two little goats who lived on two separate hills would do wonders to lift their energy levels. Yet, Jeeva Raghunath, a professional storyteller, addressed a gathering on hundreds at the TEDx Chennai and got them all to tap their feet and frolic, all for the two little goats.

That’s the power and reach of storytelling today. From simply being used as a tool to hand down lessons on morality, the art of storytelling has assumed a new dimension and vigour with professionals pursuing it as a viable career. From addressing issues to entertaining students in schools and colleges, storytelling has also forayed in the corporate quarters, helping employees of various organisations in team building.

“Adults are indeed catching on to the love of storytelling. For one thing, storytelling is being recognised in the business world as being very useful. By understanding a company’s story, each employee can more easily understand how he or she might contribute to this story,” says Eric Miller, Director of the World Storytelling Institute based in Chennai.

Having worked with several groups, Dr R Bhanumati, Managing Trustee, Pavai Centre for Puppetry, uses puppets to address senior citizens, environmental groups, corporates and students and helps them develop various skills.

Jeeva Raghunath, who is an independent and professional storyteller, also helps people relieve stress and emotional turmoil by means of stories.

“When you tell people their own stories, you help them come to terms with their past,” she says, recounting how she worked with children affected by the tsunami by telling them stories about the sea, therein helping them get over their fear.


Subjects Covered: business, education, healing

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