RISK! Presents: What’s Your Story?






21A Clinton Street, Manhattan, 10002
New York
United States of America

RISK! Presents: What’s Your Story?


A new, facilitated social event where people make new connections with each other through sharing and listening to true stories from each others’ lives. 


Hosted by Kevin Allison


You have plenty of stories to share, even if you don’t think you do. Telling and listening to stories is one of the most effective and fun ways to meet new people and foster deeper connections quickly. Find out how fun it is to share and listen to stories while meeting new people at RISK! Presents: What’s Your Story? 


The team that brings you RISK!, the most revealing true storytelling live show and podcast, now brings you into the mix. What’s Your Story? is a carefully curated and facilitated social event where you learn the basics of telling great stories and try out what you’re learning in groups and pairs. 


Your host for this event is Kevin Allison of RISK! and The State on MTV, guiding the activities in an encouraging atmosphere. What’s Your Story? is about practicing your social skills while making new connections. It’s where you go beyond small talk and are a part of the entertainment. You’ll have a great time and you might just come away feeling a little more charismatic with a lot of new friends! 


Everyone has stories. At What’s Your Story?, your stories will help you connect with others and yourself in ways that will surprise and delight you. If you want to meet new people in a way that feels fun, easy and effective, What’s Your Story? is the event for you. Feel free to come alone or with friends!

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