The Great Story Immersion






The Great Story Immersion with Laura Simms

January 28 to February 25 – Sundays 11am – 12:30pm EST

There is a sliding scale fee from $250 – $450. To register please write to me for a registration form, and method of payment. GSI is of value to all levels of experience, passion, interest and use. Storytelling is invaluable as performance, education, ecology, healing, leadership, mindfulness or therapy.


The Great Story Immersion is a collaborative exploration into the depth of meaning and relevance of a traditional fairytale. The fairytale is a very special genre ~ deeply personal and symbolic; a narrative whose journey is a living transformation for the characters in the tale, the teller, the listeners and the earth. We focus on preparation of a story for performance including braiding of personal story. This is a remarkable process of encountering the outer, inner, and mysterious aspects of a story that render it respectful to cultural origins, and to the times we are living in. The group is small. There are weekly assignments, readings, in class conversations, break out rooms and exceptional insights and sharing. As we peel away the seemingly literal and obvious we uncover the heart of a story, and learn the singular role of the storyteller, and the techniques that bring a story back to life.

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