February 2021 – Reverend Tawana Davis

February Story Lab: Stories Black Women Tell – A Stream of Culture

Reverend Tawana Davis, co-founder of Soul 2 Soul Sisters

Centuries before the heinous inception of this country through the enslavement of African peoples and Indigenous First Nation people, there were griots amid numerous countries in West Africa.  Griots are storytellers, leaders, mystics, historians, teachers, and keeps of families’ lineage in a village. Griots are dynamic, poets, singers, and very expressive in their storytelling.

Storytelling is an integral part of our Black diasporic culture. During this history-in-the-making Black History Month, we will journey together with an epistemological curiosity, turning lived experiences of Black women into a way of learning and knowing.

Tawana is the daughter of the late Rose Lee Davis; the granddaughter of the late Dorothy L. Whitfield and Alice Mack; the great-granddaughter of the late Katie (Sarah) Anderson and Rosa Lide Mack – Prominent matriarchs who shared stories of resilience from young motherhood to escaping domestic violence and she lived to share the story.

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