Foundation Grant Boosts Pupils’ Digital Storytelling

News Transcript (Freehold, NJ), February 6, 2008


Storytelling has always played a vital role in a student’s learning process.

With today’s technology the art of storytelling has become high-tech and includes audio and visual stimulation. Such is the case in Wendy Buchanan’s fourthgrade class at the Park Avenue Elementary School in Freehold Borough.

By using a $1,500 grant provided by the Freehold Borough Educational Foundation, the pupils in Buchanan’s class are not only learning how to tell stories, but also how to show them on a large screen.

The children were asked to write about places where they feel comfortable, safe and happy.

According to Buchanan, the pupils scanned photographs and hand-drawn images into the computer, imported music, recorded voices and composed and edited their stories to develop and share clear, structured, effective stories.

“The story is the start and the heart of the process,” Buchanan said.

Once the students had a clear vision of their stories they moved to visually representing their chosen location by drawing, painting, creating a collage, collecting images and selecting music to match the feeling of their places. The final phase of the process was sharing their stories with others.


Subjects Covered: digital storytelling, education

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