Golden Valley resident draws international attention to the art of storytelling
World Storytelling Day is March 20

By Megan Thorstad | New Hope Golden Valley Sun Post


Golden Valley resident, Vietnam War veteran and retired teacher Larry Johnson has long been inspired by the art of oral storytelling. From his early years as a camp councilor to his many years in the classroom, Johnson has always appreciated a well-versed story.

Upon his travels to Scandinavia in the early 1990s, Johnson was inspired by the region’s dedication to revitalize the art of storytelling. When he returned to the United States, he knew he wanted to draw awareness to the lost art form, so Johnson organized a day for people of many nations and dialects to tell and listen to stories that typically center around a common theme. The day he dedicated for story sharing typically falls on the spring equinox. He called it World Storytelling Day. It began in the United States in 2003.