Great Grieving Goddess

told by David LeBarron

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I had so much fun at the NSN conference and was glad to be able to perform this story. I was nervous about taking my own spin on a classic, which has always been my thing: including setting Othello in the basement of a gang’s meth lab (oddly that went well too), but my fellow storytellers were so kind afterwards.  I think this story resonated so well because, as most of us work with children, we see war equaling the loss of young lives: a price that can never be taken lightly.  Sorry with the heavy, but it is the message of this story…the gifting of grief…whether it be a Goddess or an “official,” the powers that must know – own the price you are asking us to pay.

About David

David LeBarron is a storyteller in a variety of medium and media. His last play The Sex Life of Achilles got excellent reviews at Hollywood Fringe. He is proudly working on Stories to be Told, a collection of LGBT stories for children; a CD fresh off pro tools Stories from a Magical World which includes the Story of Evolution; facilitating a project called Any Given Day, cultural exchange between students in Echo Park, Los Angeles and in Banda Village, Rwanda; and he’s shooting a terribly funny webseries called Wicca Please.

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  1. Mary Grace,
    What a powerful reminder on the importance of fairytales. I also really enjoy your advice on how to detect if the listener is ready for the fairy tales. I have been working on reviewing, revisiting, the Appalachian story of “Jack” which from many accounst is the story of every man/woman. It is reassuring to hear your account of how important that story is to our lives. I will be teaching a class next spring called “Uncovering fairy and folktales with a touch of ghost stories” and we will use these stories to find our own journey (college class) The question is are we ready to find out our journey from multiple tales. I believe one tale serves as a guide but it is world that the many tales offer that helps us decide the journey. with much appreciation, Kevin

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