Interfaith (Discussion Group)

Placing story in service to interfaith peace and understanding.

Interfaith Story, a discussion group of the National Storytelling Network (NSN), is a gathering of storytellers and listeners who share a common desire to bring the teaching and healing power of wisdom tales from around the world and sacred stories from every spiritual or faith tradition, present and past, to individuals, groups and communities.

We share stories in order to

Comfort, inspire, guide, or otherwise minister to people within our own and other traditions.

Story can bathe us in the waters of solace, ignite in us the fires of transformation, and cultivate the vines of our faith to bring forth in us the fruits of spiritual maturity.

Increase awareness and respect for both commonality and universal truths and for the uniqueness, diversity and giftedness that each tradition brings.

Story can help us to recognize that while there are many paths, we can share the journey.

Increase mutual understanding among the diverse religious traditions in our communities for the purpose of peace-making and community building.

Story can help us and others develop not simply tolerance but more importantly respect and compassion for those with faiths different from our own.


Gert Johnson .


Children at The Well: Youth Storytellers for Peace & Understanding was a recipient of NSN’s Brimstone Award for Applied Storytelling in 2005-06.

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