NSN Conference Workshops

2017 National Storytelling Conference
June 29 – July 2, 2017
Kansas City, MO

Pre-Conference Workshop
Thursday, June 29 • 9:00 am-12 Noon

We are the Ones We have Been Looking For

An “Open Space” session where PRO SIG members and the producer/organizer curious can bring their pressing questions about the art and craft of producing festivals/series/community building, funding and marketing, volunteers, burnout, etc. using the collective wisdom and experience in the room, we will identify brilliant answers, frequent roadblocks, and best practices. And as always, good coffee and high quality snacks will be served to reward you for your participation.

For more info contact Loren Niemi at

Workshops of interest

  • Grant Professionals Panel
    hosted by Tim Ereneta (w/members of the Grants Professional Association, Heartland Chapter)
    Gain an overview of the fundamentals and best practices for developing and preparing grant applications. Learn where and how to identify grant sources. Discover trends funders are looking to support. This panel features experienced grant writers in the areas of social services, arts, and education.
  • Voices Uncensored: The Radical Act of Community Storytelling
    Penelope Starr
    True democratic community storytelling gives a voice to everyone, no matter where they came from or how they got there. Foster understanding and acceptance by providing an uncensored venue for life stories from diverse populations. Learn the benefits of creating and sustaining a storytelling series. Leave with useful tools to organize your own community event.
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