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Each month SIO members try to get together over the phone to participate in a Story Lab call. These 45-minute calls include at least one story that has application to organizational uses, and discussion about the story. A wide variety of guests share their insights into their organizational storytelling work.  (Editors note: Story Lab recordings after July 2017 are not yet uploaded to this page.  Folks interested in one of these yet-to-be uploaded recordings may contact SIO Secretary-Treasurer Pete Griffin for a Dropbox link)


October 2018 – Tom Sparough
“Ghost Stories to Keep Your Organization Alive!”  Tom has been working on his collection of organizational ghost stories that raise questions about, and reveal values about organizations.



July 2018 – Cheryl Cofield and Pearl Alexander
Many people talk about how an organization is strengthened when it is more diverse, yet how does that strengthening happen?  How do we recognize and leverage that diversity in strengthening organizations?



June 2018 – Kim Weitkamp
Kim describes her work with nonprofits to develop their story to inspire their volunteer workforce. Kim says that “a business or an organization that does not know its own story will never reach its full potential, no matter how much they’ve strategically planned.”



March 2018 – Jerry Grubbs
Gerry describes his role as a lawyer (he’s also a poet!) and the intersection it has with storytelling and poetry.  Of his clients, he says, “their words, their story become the most important evidence in the courtroom. It has to be more believable than the story told by the other lawyer.”



February 2018 – Julie Fitzgerald Rafferty
Corporate Upheaval in entire industries created by companies like Uber and Netflix is fueling a desire among donors for their nonprofit investments to have similar game-changing effects. Nonprofits can use this same disruptive technique to convey the transformative nature of what they do to inspire greater living.



January 2018 – Jeff Rock
Corporate Bullying: Jeff discusses how he works with his coaching clients to rethink and rewrite their narratives to reclaim their core essence.



December 2017 – Board Members and Other Callers
Fourth Annual Story Swap: It’s the thought that counts! Gifts in an organizational setting with benefits that may not have been obvious at the time.



November 2017 – Julienne Ryan
The Importance of Being “The Other”: It’s about small lessons learned when she experienced “the others” and made small steps toward understanding; small steps that required a lot of change; small steps that were not easy, but small steps that made the difference.



October 2017 – Board Members and Other Callers
All Things Story: Best practices in the field from board members and callers.



June 2017 – Andrew Tarvin
Humor That Works. A discussion about using humor in organizational settings and why it leads to increase productivity. Note, this conversation ends abruptly because of a technical glitch. Learn more about Andrew’s work here.


May 2017 – Dr. Joan Colleran Hoxsey
What if? An exploration into how people and organizations change when the focus is on strengths.


April 2017 – Rives Collins
Storytelling as the glue that holds people and communities together.


February 2017 – Tim Vogt
Non-profit sector storytelling for friend and fundraising. Tim is executive director for Starfire Council creating new stories for people with developmental disabilities.


January 2017 – Trisha Griffin-Carty
Coaching tips for interviewing and networking. Are you telling the right stories?


December 2016 – SIO Story Swap
Organizational gifts, stories told by 5 tellers on this open swap call.
Coaching tips for interviewing and networking. Are you telling the right stories?


November 2016 – Laura Packer
How to Get Storytelling-in-Organizations Work.


October 2016 – Tom Sparough
Managing the Dead, Ghost Stories to Keep Your Organization Alive.


September 2016 – Cindy Rivka Marshall
Story to promote inclusivity and to honor diversity.


August 2016 – Lori Silverman
A continuation of our May conversation, this time Lori focuses on future story.


July 2016 – Elizabeth Ellis
Authentic Leadership, say what you mean and mean what you say.


June 2016 – No Story Lab


May 2016 – Lori Silverman
Popular author explains why we should turn data into story.


April 2016 – Ted Parkhurst
The publisher of storybooks tells “Why You Should Write A Book.”


March 2016 – Karen Dietz
Storytelling for business.


February 2016 – Andrew Tarvin
Adding insight and wisdom through humor.


January 2016 – Kendall Haven
Applying the neuro and cognitive science of story.


December 2015 – Story Swap
A few SIO members share stories about organizational gratitude.


November 2015 – Lani Peterson
A narrative therapist’s perspective entitled From Thin to Thick: Expanding Your Organizational Story.


October 2015 – David Hutchens
David, former SIO chair, shares examples of using story methodology in organizational settings from his book Circle of the 9 Muses.


September 2015 – Mark Goldman
From Blog to Book, Mark shares his experience of transforming his weekly website blog into 101 Storytelling Tips.


August 2015 – Membership Meeting
This is a conversation and report by the SIO board of the current opportunities being offered by our group.


July 2015 – Annette Simmons
Casual conversation after Annette’s pre-conference presentation for SIO at the National Storytelling Conference, Kansas City, MO.

June 2015 – Tony Meola
A senior banking executive shares his take on why storytelling is a powerful tool for every business person.


May 2015 – Jeff Leinaweaver
This professor, author, and corporate bard shares his case for storytelling and sustainability.


April 2015 – Buck Creacy
Buck shares the story of how he got the title of corporate storyteller for the world’s largest automotive manufacturer.


March 2015 – Doug Lipman
A renowned storytelling coach and author, Doug shares his insights on hidden storytelling skills.


February 2015 – Henry DeVries
Tune in for an explanation of how storytelling and marketing go hand and hand.  Plus a nice explanation of story types.


January 2015 – Bill Wight
Storytelling for Corporate Change Agents.  Hear Bill’s journey of 30 years of change in the manufacturing industry and the role of intentional storytelling.


December 2014 – Stories of Compassion
This was a story swap call. Several people shared stories about organizational compassion, what it looks like, and how they have experienced it.


November 2014 – Juanita Brown
Juanita Brown, P.hD., co-founder of World Cafe, shared her insights into storytelling and large-group organizational change.


October 2014 – Patrick Donnelly
Corporate Storytelling by Design. Storytelling and cultural design from an architectural point of view.


September 2014 – Membership Meeting
This is a membership meeting and report of what the group had done over the last year.


August 2014 – Ann Scroggie
Story of a Penny.  Ann shares her wealth of knowledge as an award winning professor and story coach.


July 2014 – Tricia Suchodolski
Tricia is knowledge management officer of the US Forest Service, which is utilizing storytelling as a wisdom tool.


June 2014 – Story Swap
A variety of tellers from our group share organizational stories.


May 2014 – Geoff Mead
Featuring tips from the author of “Telling the Story, the Heart and Soul of Successful Leadership.”


April 2014 – Peter Dominick
Pete shares his experience teaching storytelling to graduate students in technology management.


March 2014 – Pete Griffin
Our veteran board member and naturalist shares his story “Everything I Know About Leadership I learned from Beavers.”


February 2014 – Sara Armstrong
A fascinating plunge into the world and uses of dilemma stories.


January 2014 – Mary Alice Arthur
A systematic method of storytelling and collective story harvesting.


December 2013 – Story Swap
Several members share stories based on the theme of “Giving.”


November 2013 – Mark Steiman
A business executive shares his love of story and “The Shortest Story,” and “The Bread Loaf Pan.”


October 2013 – Molly Catron
Molly shares her story entitled Rubber Glove War, which is about a manufacturing ethical dilemma.



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