i remember home (old stories)


i remember home (old stories)

© Kwanza Msingwana

Moon Revealed, mosaic by Gail Burgen Rosen ©

back home doing flips in the rain
rolling in the sand
sliding in the mud happy
as a chicken bathing in dust
giddy with joy playing with toy
cars made from bottle tops wires
cornstalks and sticks.
now screw faced unknown quantity

speaking fluent gibberish
me intelligent practical perceptive
i stare blank faced making friends
hard chore these cold climes
got me bleary eyed thinking
longing for grandma’s cooking
sound of music weary feet dancing
raising dust dawn tattered skies
sun peeking bright smiles
in eastern horizons.

i remember home
grandpa’s deep voice
stories at dusk’s long shadows
fiery skies over the mountains
hills covered in green velvety carpets
browned by scorching kiangazi seasons
unrelenting wet sun coconut water cool
dreams of playful days distant drums
celebrate first fruits of the harvest.

i remember home
no soldiers lurking bloody trails of tears
nor fear of jiving politicians
foreigners ogling for a fee blissful
in woody shades whistling along
to the song of birds now i watch
my tears stream frozen etched
in concrete misery just another
refugee thinking of home.
recall the bull’s bellow grandma’s food
grandpa’s stories kimburu (wild cat)
chasing chickens rooster’s crow
the hare and the hyena.

i remember home and old stories
my spirit is enthused
mine soul is rejoiced.



Kwanza Msingwana is an educator, musician, poet, and storyteller. He blends humor and playfulness to captivate audiences. He has performed for Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela. He is co-author of Only Mountains Never Meet collection of short stories. 416-652-7878


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