Lion's Minister of State

told by Mike Lockett

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The story originates in India. My telling is a kicked up version of a traditional Indian Folktale. My telling includes both poetry and prose, along with special vocal sound effects that I add with the use of the microphone as I tell the tale.

I developed this story in order to enter a contest – The Search for America’s Greatest Storyteller. The story was well received by the audience and has been a part of my repertoire since. I enjoyed sharing the story at the National Storytelling Conference in California. The telling was made more special as the audience joined me in singing part of The Lion Sleeps Tonight at the end of the tale and Willy Clafflin told me, “That was a Jonesborough moment.” What a memorable comment for a teller of Willy’s calibre to tell another storyteller!

The story is recorded on my album Tales and Fables. It can be found on the products page of my website.

About Mike

Mike is a teller of traditional tales in a non-traditional manner. He often uses dialects and audio sound effects to kick up his family friendly stories. Mike is an international storyteller and is a children’s author. Contact Mike by writing to book him for school assemblies, library programs, festival performances, young author programs and more.

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(309) 454-2300

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