London Storytelling Festival (London, UK), November 1, 2012


The Second Annual London Storytelling Festival is back next week, with a fantastic combination of comedians, poets and spoken word performers. John-Luke Roberts will tell his tale of a haunted sock, Rachel Rose Reid is digging underneath Hans Christian Andersen for the love stories we don’t quite hear, Martin Dockery is searching for something to believe in, Deborah Frances-White reveals her search for her family and Wil Hodgson is doing a rare reprise of his much-loved (and award winning) show The Passion of the Hodgson.

We’re quite excited to see that Russell Tovey and Thom Tuck are two of the guests at The Voices in Your Head, improv guided by a disembodied voice of God that went down a storm at Edinburgh this year. Also not to be missed is the ever popular Storytellers’ Club, where Sarah Bennetto introduces tales from some very funny people.

The London Storytelling Festival runs 9-18 November at Leicester Square Theatre. There are 18 events and 9 of them are already sold out.


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