Never Stop Learning

The Battalion – Texas A&M (College Station, TX), June 20, 2005


Children should be encouraged to accept all aspects of different cultures, and teachers should strive to eliminate bias in education, said reggae musician Alafia Gaidi and Texas A&M history professor Ernest Obadele-Starks. Gaidi and Starks gave presentations Thursday as part of The George Bush Presidential Library Complex’s third annual Juneteenth celebration.

Gaidi, who is a musician with the reggae group D.R.U.M., began the day’s festivities with elaborate stories about African heritage, cowboys and the Wild West. Dressed in traditional robes and Western wear, Gaidi took the stage and told his stories with a drum.

“I brought my radio,” said Gaidi, pointing to his drums. “You get news from a radio, and in Africa, this is the radio.”

Through several different stories and skits, Gaidi portrayed stories about acceptance, morals and the importance of education.

“Always remember to listen to your elders, finish high school and go to college,” Gaidi said. “But remember, never stop learning.”

After his performance, Gaidi said, “Listening to storytelling is a process of learning. By sharing these stories, children realize the value of learning is never through.”

Subjects Covered: diversity training, education

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