Nickels for Dimes

Told by Linda Goodman

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goodmanChildren have a tendency to be selfish, and I was no exception.  As long as I got what I wanted, I did not care about anything else.

My baby sister Evelyn, on the other hand, always put the interests of others above her own. Like the character of Melanie in Gone With the Wind, Evelyn was almost too sweet to be true. She taught me more about kindness than anyone else I have ever known.

In this story, I am the trickster. In spite of my devious machinations, however, my sister’s innocence holds the power in this tale. I am delighted to see such innocence rewarded, even if the reward comes at my own expense.

About Linda

Author/Storyteller/Playwright Linda Goodman performs nationwide and has been published in numerous anthologies.  Her one-woman show and book, Daughters of the Appalachians, has also been performed as a play by theaters around the country. Her CDs include Jessie and Other Stories and Bobby Pins (Winner of 3 Storytelling World Winner Awards).

“More than just a writer and teller of tales, Goodman has the uncanny ability to become her characters. A vengeful girl, a bigoted father, a store owner who nightly gave milk to a haint (ghost) — Goodman showed us all these people by changing her voice and body language.”
–Beth Surdut, The Harvard Spirit

Contact Linda

phone: 804-687-6341 or 704-256-9954

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