November 2020 – Pete Griffin

November Story Lab – Everyone Loves Smokey Bear

Pete Griffin, Author & Storyteller & SIO Board Member

In 1984, a study was conducted. Members of the public were given the phrase “Remember, only YOU…” and asked to finish the sentence. An astounding  95 percent were able to correctly add, “…can prevent forest fires.”  The Smokey Bear story was the only story Pete Griffin had heard about the Forest Service before he joined in 1973.

Author and award-winning storyteller  Pete Griffin shared some of his experiences that led him to understanding the power of, and the need for, stories in the world’s best land management agency, an organization in need of stories.

Following a 37-year Forest Service career that took him from the Great Lake states to Alaska, Pete chose to grow his storytelling skills in retirement.  His stories encompass growing up, natural history, and natural resource dilemmas, often combining all three in the same story.  Since his retirement in 2010, Griffin’s natural history stories, photographs, and videos captivate cruise ship audiences on many Disney and Princess Alaska cruises every season.  Pete’s first book, Stories of a Forest Ranger, was published in September 2020.

Pete has also served on SIO’s Board for seven years and held many roles sharing his talents and wisdom.

Learn more about Pete’s work:

Pete Griffin

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