November 2021 – Maureen Howard

November Story Lab: Notes from a Reluctant Community COVID Expert

Maureen Howard

COVID lays bare our fears and our privilege. It calls out the inequities and injustices of our healthcare system. It lives in our day-to-day interactions in our neighborhoods, our workplaces, our public transit, our friends, our family. Its path follows science. Its global nature defines our common future. Our responses divide us. Living through COVID is our story. Living through COVID in community with those without shelter is our opportunity and our obligation.

Maureen Matter Howard volunteers with the Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness as the Coalition’s Senior Policy Analyst. She is an experienced housing and homelessness advocate, educator, biochemist, organizational consultant, and coalition builder. Maureen  served as a Public Diplomacy Officer in the US Foreign Service. She has worked in the private, nonprofit, and government sections. She believes in the absolute right to housing and the preferential option for the poor in the allocation and use of resources. Maureen is currently working on her first book, “Stories Out of Season,” based on her public talks.

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