Attracting Gen X & Y Audiences

NSN Conference, July 13, 2005 Pre-conference for the Producers SIG

Notes from discussion on involving Generation X and Y in storytelling, and attracting them to storytelling events.

Compiled by Janelle Reardon
Member, Producers & Organizers SIG



  • Story Slam (like poetry slam)
  • Choose venue where X & Y generations hang out/hold at Gen X/Y –friendly location
    • Skate park
    • High School or College
  • Fringe event
  • Mix Matures, Boomers with X and Y
  • Include X gen. in presenting/as storytellers/performers – solicit younger tellers
    • Recruit coffee house tellers
    • Open mike
  • Include storytelling in university curriculum
    • Or offer for credit
    • Or offer for extra credit in a class)
  • Have a competition
  • Have an Artist on-stage (live)
  • Expand definition of storytellers (poetry, music, mime, etc.)
  • Multifaceted event (not just storytelling)
    • Make it a Story Arts Festival
    • String Stories
    • Oral Histories
    • Organic
    • Writing
    • Crafting
  • Find popular campus entertainers who actually tell stories (but may not be listed as storytellers)
  • Simultaneous storytelling shows for Gen X and their children
  • Create special Gen X or Y concert
  • Have an Experimental Storytelling Concert with University Theater Department



  • Story Slam
  • Radio Stations (popular with X & Y)
  • Contact ALL colleges in the area, especially Theater, English, Education Library Science and History departments
  • Include X gen. on planning committee/in planning
  • Advertise in:
    • H.S.
    • College
    • Skate Shop
    • Tattoo Parlors
    • Trendy bars/clubs
    • Funky stores
    • Locally-owned coffee shops w/free wi-fi
    • Second-hand shops
    • Game/comic book stores
  • Set up Blog on website
  • Advertise or get article in free local events tabloid format news magazine
    • Trendy publication
    • Underground publication
    • Family Times tabloid
  • Update posters and flyers to be “cool”, up to date, appealing to X, Y Gens.
  • Leave flyers in coffee houses and record stores
  • E-mail info. To know X and Y Generation folks with an INCENTIVE (i.e. free tickets) if they will send the e-mails on th friends.
  • Include link to web site in the e-mails
  • Parents Without Partners groups
  • SPAM
  • Interactive event web site
  • Experiential swap shop (not storytelling)
  • “Please don’t bring the kids”
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