NSN Recording Policy Agreement

This policy is effective as of April 2021


All presenters consent to having their session recorded and give NSN the rights to use/sell/distribute that recording in a digital library/archive for the next one year (from the date it is posted in the digital library), and (optionally) on a podcast. Presenters understand that they will not be compensated for NSN’s use/sale/distribution of the recording. Presenters may record their own copy of their presentation, which can be used in specific ways, outlined below. 


The term “Presenter” refers to anyone presenting in any part of NSN’s programming, including Luuv, Earth Up, Connected, and Spooked, as well as other NSN events. This includes both “Workshop Leaders” and “Performers.” “Workshop Leaders” refers to anyone presenting a workshop, panel discussion, keynote, lecture, or tour by themselves or with others. “Performers” refers to anyone telling a story as a part of a Spotlight, Showcase, Fringe, or other Performance. “Session” refers to the entire, specific offering, as presented on the NSN schedule, not individual performances.

All presenters consent to having their session recorded. 

How this video may be used: 

  • NSN may use/sell/distribute this video as a part of a Digital Library/Archive for a period of one year from the date the video begins to be shared in the Digital Library. NSN may sell access to this digital library without additional compensation for the artists. After 12 months, this agreement must be renegotiated. 
  • NSN may select specific stories or segments for use in a future NSN Podcast. You may choose to opt-in or out of this option. NSN will notify you if your story/workshop/panel is selected for use in the podcast. There will be no compensation for use in the podcast. 
  • Whenever NSN uses more than a 20-second clip of a recording, the presenter’s name, website, and bio will be clearly displayed (or mentioned in a podcast). 


  • In workshops of a particularly sensitive nature, as it is being recorded, NSN Admin may stop the recording process at the request of workshop participants. 
  • Breakout rooms will not be recorded.

Distribution to tellers/presenters:

  • Presenters may record their own offering(s) for their own use. Presenters agree to abide by the restrictions set forth in the Exclusivity section. 
  • Presenters may request a link to be able to download their presentation following the conference offering. Presenters agree to abide by the restrictions set forth in the Exclusivity section. 


  • Workshop Leaders agree not to sell/publish/distribute more than a total of 10 minutes of the recording of their offering for a period of one year. If they do choose to sell a copy of their workshop after that year, they agree to charge the same or more as NSN for that workshop. This applies only to this recording, not to other recordings of the same workshop. 
  • Individual story performers may edit out only their own performance for their own use, provided that they display the beginning and end credits provided by NSN for no less than 5 seconds each.


  • All presenters affirm that they are not violating US Copyright Laws in the presentation of their materials. This means that presenters will not share stories or materials that are another artist’s original work. 
    • Stories that comply with US Copyright Law include:
  • Folktales, fairy tales, myths, and legends written before 1922.
  • Any original piece written by the storyteller.
  • Any combination of the above. For example, piecing together several versions of Cinderella to form a specific piece, or combining a personal story with a folktale.
  • Stories that violate US Copyright Law include books or excerpts of books written by someone other than the storyteller, told without permission from the publisher or author. Examples include: 
    • The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch, 
    • Harry Potter by JK Rowling, or 
    • It by Stephen King.
  • All presenters retain their rights to the work they present at Connected. 
  • NSN retains the right to use/sell/distribute the recordings of the workshops, keynotes, panels, tours and performances as laid out above. 
  • Performers agree to release NSN from any liability or harm that comes from the use/sale/distribution of such recordings. 
  • If NSN closes its doors, all rights for the recordings immediately transfer to the presenters of each individual session. 
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