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ANNOUNCING NSN’s Bold New Calendar of Events for 2021!

NSN announces a dynamic calendar of Virtual Events for 2021! YES! We will grow storytellers, share great tales, feature membership voices & voices from the world beyond to build a treasure chest for NSN’s secure future. NSN will produce monthly events in a variety of forms.

  • April 9th-11th: Earth Up Weekend. We will feature Workshops, Performances, a Story Slam, Fringe Performances, a Master Class, Social Time, Panel Discussions, Showcases & School Programs. Visit our Earth Up Page for more information.
  • May 15th: Caught in a Bind (Slam + Fringe)
  • June 12th: Amplify (Slam + Fringe)
  • July 21st – 25th: NSN’s Connected Virtual Conference & Festival – Mark your calendars now! Applications coming soon.
  • August 21st: Hot (Slam + Fringe)
  • September 18th: Schooled (Slam + Fringe)
  • October 22nd: 24th – Spooked (Weekend)
  • November 13th: Stuffing (Slam + Fringe)
  • December 11th: Light (Slam + Fringe + Family Show)

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Submit a proposal

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  1. You will have 5 minutes to tell your story with a 30-second grace period. At six minutes, your story will be cut off. The audience will take the length of your story into account in their voting.
  2. Your story must be a true personal story that happened to you, related to the theme: MOTHER EARTH.
  3. You must also register for the Slam, either as a single ticketed event, or as part of a package deal.
  4. You must agree to have your story recorded, and give NSN the rights to use that story in the future.
  5. The winners, voted on by the audience will receive:
    First Place: $100
    Second Place: $50
    Third Place: $25


You must REGISTER FOR THE SLAM (either as an individual event or as part of the Earth Up Conference Package) and PUT YOUR NAME IN THE HAT. These are two separate processes. Please do both if you wish to compete.

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