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  • December 11th: Light
    Slam + Fringe

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Submit a proposal/Throw Your Name in the Hat

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  1. You will have 5 minutes to tell your story with a minute grace period. At six minutes, your story will be cut off. The audience will take the length of your story into account in their voting.
  2. Your story must be a true personal story that happened to you, related to the theme: SCHOOLED.
  3. You must also register for the Slam, either as a single ticketed event, or as part of a package deal.
  4. You must agree to have your story recorded, and give NSN the rights to use that story in the future.
  5. The winners, voted on by the audience will receive:
    First Place: $100
    Second Place: $50
    Third Place: $25
  6. You must be present at the time your name is pulled from the hat in order to participate. Late arrivals may only be called if time allows.


You must REGISTER FOR THE SLAM and PUT YOUR NAME IN THE HAT. These are two separate processes. Please do both if you wish to compete.

Upcoming Fringe Performances

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The Last To Know

August 21st at 9 pm Central

After 40 years of marriage, my husband left me to live in Arizona with another woman. Slowly, I discover that my husband had been living a double life and through out our marriage had copious affairs. This is my story of moving from victim to survivor of Narcissistic Abuse.

King Arthur: Stories from Around the Table

September 18th at 5:30 Pm Central

Everyone’s heard the story about the boy who became king, the sword in the stone, and the most famous of Round Tables. Many came to that table, but not everyone was given a seat. Allow yourself to be captivated by familiar stories told from unfamiliar perspectives, as we examine these surprising and often problematic stories. Recommended for ages 14+

Supernatural Tales of Hawaii

October 22nd At 9pm Central | Part of NSN’s HAUNTED

Oh Yes! Hawaii has spirits. JEFF GERE (born on Halloween) will share true tales of the other side, amazing oral histories gathered across 30 years of performing. People just tell him what happened meeting Pele, the Volcano goddess; the power in stones, of strange spirits, possessions, and hauntings. Visit the dark deep well of island beliefs still active today. Come, but not alone!

Sharks Eyes and Sunken Places

October 23rd at 9pm Central | Part of NSN’s HAUNTED

Personal story of the times I had premonitions of danger that came true and my speculations as to the nature of these.

Legacy: The Story of Langston High

November 13th at 5pm Central | Part of NSN’s STUFFED

A solo performance about the history of all black Langston High School in Johnson City, TN.

Mirrors: Folktales and Life

December 11th at 9 Pm Central | Part of NSN’s LIGHT

We are drawn to Folktales that reflect our lives. The wisdom of the folktale intersects with the truth in our lives. In this performance, Kate pairs The Handsome Young Fishwife with her personal story My Son Mark. Both stories explore the core questions: Where do I belong? and What choices do I have?

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