New York State Fair holds first storytelling competition

WSYR-TV, Syracuse, NY,     July 7, 2018


For the first time, the New York State Fair will have a two-day storytelling event, on Friday and Saturday, August 31 and September 1.

Friday night’s event will be a competition called The Great New York State Story Slam, in which 10 people will be chosen randomly.  They will each have five minutes to tell a true story from their lives  on the theme of the evening: Life in New York State.

Saturday’s event, titled “Unravel,” will feature three true tales from master storytellers. Comedy improvisation troupes will perform after each story.

Acting Fair Director Troy Waffner said, “Every year, we have continued to increase our arts competition portfolio.  A spoken-word competition is an excellent addition, given the growing popularity of storytelling radio and podcast programs, and public storytelling performances.”



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