October 2020 – Tom Sparough

The Stories in Organization (SIO) SIG gathered on October 22nd, to hear Tom Sparough, SIO Board Member and Co-founder of Space Painter present “Trust and the Dark Shadows That Destroy It.”
The session took a deep dive into one of the key components of organizational storytelling.

Tom shared one of his ghost stories “The Dust” a tale about trust fading away. He used this eerie tale to examine how to cultivate trust in story, and in all our relationships. He then led us through a series of small and large group discussions. Click here to watch Tom’s engaging session.

Tom Sparough is a keynote speaker and facilitator specializing in the use of metaphor. He is a storyteller and juggler and uses these skills to animate his work. He has a master’s degree in psychology and a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He has been a keynote speaker for dozens of events including the National Resource and Referral Conference, the National Probation and Parole Officers Conference, and the California Teen Conference. Companies such as Proctor and Gamble, Management Recruiters, and Kraft have brought him into enliven their meetings.

He is the author of “Mr. Baitenswitch: Ghost Stories to Keep You and Your Organization Alive”
Learn more about Tom’s work and up-coming events at:



Tom Sparough
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