Opening Ceremony, Land Acknowledgment, & Keynote Presentation

Presented as part of NSN’s 2022 Earth Up Conference

With Jaime González

This world and all its wonders are connected with ways seen and unseen. In this opening event, we explore our roots to discover what binds, informs, and inspires our caring work on this planet.

Join us for the 2022 Earth Up Opening Ceremony & Land Acknowledgment, followed by a keynote address by Jaime González

Weaving Climate Stories For Action – Balancing Urgency With Inspiration

If our nation and our world is to be successful in combating climate change, it will be because we are telling resonant, relevant stories that engage and activate our communities to take meaningful action. Yet, telling high impact stories about climate change is complicated by politics, perceptions, how the public views science, and a need to better engage those often left out of the conversation. Jaime González of The Nature Conservancy will share tips how to weave climate change stories using recent research, shareable resources and hard-won experience.

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