Patient Voices Website

by Mary K. Clark.

What a delight it is to discover the Patient Voices website!  This site houses over 250 digital stories that help viewers gain insight into health care and social responsibility. In addition to stories, you will find interesting research and resources.

In 2003, Pip Hardy and Tony Sumner founded Patient Voices which . . .

 . . . aims to facilitate the telling and the hearing of some of the unwritten and unspoken stories of ordinary people so that those who devise and implement strategy in health and social care, as well as the professionals and clinicians directly involved in care, may carry out their duties in a more informed and compassionate manner. We hope that, as a result of seeing the stories, patients, their carers and clinicians may meet as equals and work respectfully together for the benefit of all.

Through its carefully developed methodology, the programme facilitates the telling and sharing of reflective stories of care by all stakeholders. The innovative model of free distribution of resulting stories for use in health and social care education and quality improvement ensures that those voices are heard, and that the investment of storytellers is nurtured to develop maximum social capital.

Have you been involved with and/or know of other programs that facilitate the “telling and sharing of reflective stories of care by all stakeholders”?  We’d love to hear about it.

– Mary

©Copyright 9/16//2012 by Mary K. Clark.  All Rights Reserved.



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