Railroad Bill

sung by Mike Agranoff

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agranoffI’ve always loved self-referential humor. Monty Python, Max Fleischer, and Warner Brothers cartoons used the device of a conflict between the author and his character to great effect.  This one was written by Andy Breckman, whom I first saw performing at the Philadelphia Folk Festival.  But he’s better known as the writer and producer of the cable TV series “Monk”.

About Mike

Mike Agranoff comes to the Storytelling Community via the world of Folk Music.  There, he’s renowned for the spoken word material he always includes in his musical performances. His signature pieces are his riveting original recitations after the fashion of Robert Service. But his toolbox also includes true stories, serious and hilarious, poems, and, of course, numerous ballads (in the original sense of the word: songs that tell stories), all honed to performance perfection.  He holds a great love of the English language, and an admiration for its skillful practitioners.

Contact Mike

website: www.MikeAgranoff.com
phone: 973-335-9489

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