Revealing a Personal Story

Worcester Polytechnic Institute   March 23, 2018


Dear World visited Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) this week.

At WPI, approximately 180 students, faculty, and staff participated in personal story workshops, first solo writing, then pairing together to distill each story into a few significant words. Those words were then written on the person’s skin. Then a portrait was taken of the person and their words.

Several students shared their stories with everyone. One story was about “There’s only food for 3”, the other “So I bought my 9 hour bus ticket”.

“I hope that students and all our community members appreciated the opportunity to share a story that is special to them,” says Christine Sharry, director of student activities “but also that people continue to exchange and share their stories with others. The practice of this extends beyond just a one-hour program on campus, but rather provides an opportunity for continuous dialogue, sharing, and understanding.”

According to Dear World’s web site:

“We teach every person who works with us the skills to tell a remarkable story. We also curate the space for colleagues to listen and tell these stories.”

“We blend the best aspects of storytelling and live events to capture the specific stories of your team.”

Dear World has captured 70,000 portraits since its founding in 2010.

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