By Mary Hamilton

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I’m far from the first to tell “Rindercella” a Spoonerized “Cinderella.”  For years it held no appeal whatsoever. To me, “Rindercella” seemed like a memorized fixed text being recited rather than told.  Me, memorize text? No way! Then, I needed a version. I put together Around the World with Cinderella, which includes “Eleven Cinderellas” a multicultural mashup of versions from eleven different cultures. I found many audiences needed a little reminder of the Cinderella plot before hearing “Eleven Cinderellas.” Enter “Rindercella.” I used many standard Spoonerisms – pransome hince and gairy fodmother for handsome prince and fairy godmother – I had always heard in “Rindercella.” Creating Spoonerisms I’d not heard other tellers use  — whooping the magic swand for swooping the magic wand — became a fun challenge.  I also discovered “Rindercella” didn’t need to be a memorized fixed text, but that I can use different Spoonerisms and different details in each retelling, responding to audience feedback – just like telling any other story. Of course, a National Story Night audience responds and responds – storytelling lovers that they are! “Rindercella” with them was a treat. I also appreciate the opportunity to support the National Storytelling Network through volunteer telling at National Story Night.

About Mary

Mary Hamilton has been a member of National Storytelling Network since the early 1980’s. Yes, when it was NAPPS!  NSN honored her with a Circle of Excellence Award in 2009. Mary also volunteers for NSN as co-chair of ART Force, working to gain increased recognition for fine art storytelling while maintaining recognition for folk art storytelling in National Endowment for the Arts programs. If you want to hear Around the World with Cinderella, attend Mary’s fringe performance at the 2012 National Storytelling Conference in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Conference scheduling details available at www.storynet.org/conference/

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Website: www.maryhamilton.info

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