Showcase Performance: Roaring Korean Tigers

Presented as part of NSN’s 2022 Earth Up Conference

With Alicia Dongjoo Bang, Chung Keun Kim, Young Im Chung, Eunseong Kimm, Youngjoo Seo, Yeowon & Sian Choi

This showcase will introduce unknown Korean folktales which are based on tigers. The storytellers will represent three generations, from 11 years old to 60 years old.

It is a sad and beautiful love story that occurred during the Silla Dynasty about 1,200 years ago. During the reign of King Wonseong of Silla, a student named Kim Hyun lived in a town called Seorabeol. A tiger maiden, who has the ability to transform herself into a human, falls in love with Kim Hyun at a temple. However, the tiger maiden, who realizes that love cannot overcome the difference between tigers and humans, helps Kim Hyun get a government job by sacrificing herself and promising to meet Kim Hyun as a person in another life. After her death, Kim Hyun, who can not overcome his sadness, builds a temple to commemorate the virtues of the tiger maiden. Just before his death, he writes a sad love story for future generations to know what happened.

Alicia Dongjoo Bang is a Korean professional storyteller and passionate educator based in the Republic of Korea. She has delighted children and adults with her storytelling performances for years and recently has taken on the task of setting up international storytelling festivals in South Korea. Her biggest achievements have been organizing and directing the first international storytelling festival in South Korea (in 2018) as well as the second, third and fourth international storytelling festivals (in 2019, 2020 and 2021 respectively). She is the founder of Story School, which is a unique storytelling school in South Korea, and of KISA, the Korea International Storytellers’ Association. In 2018, she was the winner of the 21st International Storytelling Festival in Iran.

A story about a tiger that can tell who is good or bad by using its long white eyebrows.

Eunsong Kim is a storyteller, video creator, and English teacher for young learners. She began her career in 2017 when she opened her YoutTube channel titled Lizzy’s Storytime. The channel’s target audience were children interested in learning English. The positive feedback from her young viewers led her to start her own business, Blonde Unicorn, and to create more educational videos both for her YouTube channel and for mainstream English education companies in Korea. Eunseong also runs an English academy in Seoul called My Story House. Children are especially entertained by her high-pitched voice and body language.

A man who has three very different encounters with tigers.

Young Im Chung has been telling stories as a local storyteller for over 10 years in Korea. She is a member of Chekgori (The Seoul Reading Education Research Association) and has been working as a Beautiful Silver Storyteller (The Korean Studies Promotion Agency’s Beautiful Story Program from 2014.) Young Im participated in the 4th Korea International Storytelling Festival and as a Korean performer in the FEAST(Federation of Asian Storytellers) Storytelling Festival that was also held in 2021.

A foolish tiger gets tricked by a mother who is trying to smooth her crying baby.

Yeowon and Sian Choi are members of KISA (Korea International Storytellers Association) children storytellers. They participated in the 4th Korea International Storytelling Festival in 2021. They also performed in the Learning Korean Culture program entitled “Stories from the Land of the Morning Calm” at the FEAST (Federation of Asian Storytellers) Storytelling Festival that was also held in 2021. Yeowon and Sian love to tell Korean folktales in festivals that are held all around the world.

Chung Keun Kim is going to show everyone how to play a Korean lullaby using leaf flute.

Chung Keun Kim is a Korean leaf flute artist, storyteller, and author. He usually tells stories at international festivals which were combined with music from his leaf flute. He has also participated in the Korean International Storytelling Festival as a member of KISA (Korea International Storytellers’ Association). Chung Keun loves to tell Korean folktales with music, and to give family workshops on how to do storytelling with a leaf flute. He also works as a principal at an elementary school in South Korea.

Youngjoo is a young Korean storyteller and will serve as the MC of this program. She is actively acting as a member of KISA (Korea International Storytellers’ Association). She has performed Korean traditional stories around the world and educated teen storytellers as a mentor. Youngjoo’s biggest achievements have been being the MC of the opening ceremony of the 4th Korean International Storytelling Festival in 2021 and translating for Korean performers in the FEAST(Federation of Asian Storytellers) Storytelling Festival that was also held in 2021.

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