Stories Give Crowd a Lift

Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, IN), December 4, 2005


“Storytelling enlightens our community and makes people aware of our history,” said Deborah Asante, director of the Asante Children’s Theatre and host of Saturday’s 4th annual Haughville Story Fest.

Saturday’s storytelling attracted about 100 people and featured three components: a speech from the Rev. Douglas Tate Sr. on growing up in Haughville, live folktale performances from Asante Children’s Theatre and a contest among audience members on who could tell the most believable lie.

Ironically enough, lying is what attracted Indianapolis actor Daniel Martin to the Asante troupe 10 years ago. Martin, who performed Saturday, said someone told him he was good at making up stories and that he should be on stage.

Martin, 24, has since outgrown the children’s theater, but he still makes appearances and helps out when he can, especially where Haughville’s concerned.

“When you hear Haughville, people think ‘hood or ignorance,” he said. “But the truth is we have a lot of talented people coming up and events like these give them a chance to show it off.”

Subjects Covered: diversity training, storytelling festivals

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