His True Name

told by Jo Walter

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His True Name came from a NonViolent Communication workshop via Marcia Christen. Her version tells of the boy’s “song”, but somehow I remembered it as his “name”. It makes me think of the sacredness of naming, and how in some cultures a name is given to you at important moments in life. I was raised Catholic and got a name at my confirmation ceremony. I told it first at the Seattle Folklife Festival. A woman in the audience asked to use the story to share with a judge – on behalf of her son who was about to be sentenced. Wow. I’d like a world without judges and jails. I’d like a world where we felt strong connections with others who loved us – and where we all actively supported each other to be the best people we could possibly be.

About Jo

Jo has combined storytelling for kids and adults in teaching and social justice work for more than 20 years.  Her teaching mission is to inspire imaginations through the spoken word. “In our culture where images arrive fast and furious from television screens, our imaginations blossom when we are invited to make up our own pictures by listening to the words in a well told tale!”  Her social justice mission is to help us all imagine and believe in the possibility of a just and peaceful world.

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