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Sheherazade is my hero. This is my favorite story and one of the first I learned to tell.  If only we could solve more problems with story, what a great world this would be!  I “snuck” it into the curriculum for most of the high school classes I taught, took it to other teachers’ classes by invitation, and have since found it to be quite popular with retirees as well.  I love the “ching” of the finger cymbals to set the scene.  This story was the first one I selected for my “Courage and Wisdom” CD.

About Mary

Mary Garrett tells folk tales, humorous tales and personal stories.  She has shared stories with her students and at festivals,  Renaissance Faire, day care centers, parks, scout events, elementary through high schools, and retirement communities.  She has created two CDs, plus three books of  stories from her father, John Fussner.  He was her first storyteller and instilled the love of make-believe. Mary believes in the world of story and the power of story to make this world a better place. After experiencing Mary’s stories, you can’t help but take some of that feeling with you.

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