Wisdom or Luck

told by Michael Litzky

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I adapted this from a story in the Pantheon collection Yiddish Folktales by Beatrice Weinreich. I love the “story within a story within a story” structure. I added a subtle twist to the ending, which doesn’t really come through on audio. If you’d like to see a video of me telling the story, go to www.wondrous-tales.com/video.htm#Wisdom.

About Michael

Michael Litzky has appeared at festivals and fairs, schools and daycare centers, libraries and campfire circles, and on radio and TV. His audiences have ranged from preschoolers to senior citizens. His richly varied stories are entertaining, moving, and often dramatic and visual. Many are venerable folk and fairy tales, polished and shining with vitality. Others are original: childhood stories, historical reconstructions and fantasies. Many are whimsical and funny; others mix smiles with tears. All of Michael’s stories are life-affirming—and all are wondrous.

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Website: www.wondroustales.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wondroustales

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