Storytelling on the SS Great Britain

Bristol Post (Bristol, UK), October 24, 2013


Visitors can enjoy tall tales of salty sailors at the SS Great Britain’s Crew Capers Family Storytelling event.

Inspired by true events, the ship’s resident storyteller, Sarah Mooney, will bring the sailors’ stories to life with her gruesome embellishments and fabulous flourishes on October 29 and 31.

Afterwards, you can explore the SS Great Britain. The brainchild of our most famous Bristolian, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, this iconic steam ship was rescued from rust and wreckage in 1970, and has since been lovingly restored to her Victorian hey-day.

A visit to the SS Great Britain allows you to step back in time and explore true stories from the opulent First-Class to the cramped Steerage.

Each kitchen and cabin, dining room and doctor’s surgery emanates authentic sounds and smells which bring the ship and its history to life.


Subjects Covered: education

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