Students present digital stories in showcase

The Chronicle – the online student newspaper at Harvard-Westlake School, Los Angeles, May 27, 2016


Los Angeles, CA — Students from the HW Go! Vietnam trip exhibited their film and photography projects at Harvard-Westlake School on May 18. A total of 10 photographic pieces and nine student films were displayed. The subject of the projects, chosen by each student, was an aspect of Vietnamese culture or history.

One project, by Kinly McCaffrey ’18, documented her mother’s escape from Vietnam during the war via an interview with her mother, video clips from the trip and actual footage from the war.

“I wanted to tell the story from the South Vietnamese side because the North Vietnamese story is the only one ever spoken of,” McCaffrey said. “So not only did I want to tell my mom’s journey, I also wanted to inform all who watch it what life is and was outside of our bubble of California.”

Subjects Covered: digital storytelling, personal storytelling

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