Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling Helps Fill in Education Gaps (Denver, CO), February 3, 2016



The Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling on 898 St Nicholas Avenue at 155th Street, New York, NY, is part of a development built by Broadway Housing Communities designed to leverage the synergies of housing, education and art to improve outcomes for undeserved children, adults and entire communities. This museum is well-positioned to address things like literacy, self-expression and immersive learning, all elements that provide significant support to the developing child.

And although Jennifer Ifil-Ryan, Associate Director of Education & Community Engagement, clarifies, “The Museum’s aim is not so much to fill a specific void created by other institutions and organizations, but instead to create an oasis where children and families with limited access to artistic opportunities can develop a sense of inclusion and agency for their creativity and voices. The programs that are available to visitors are grounded in these same elements, so that visitors can enjoy experiential settings that encourage these outcomes. The Midwinter Recess Camp at Sugar Hill features a component of creating story books, encouraging young people to design their worlds, their characters and their visions, and to share it with others – the epitome of self-determination.”


Subjects Covered: diversity, education

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