‘Suitcase Stories’ Puts Resettled Refugees On Manchester Stage

New Hampshire Public Radio  September 28, 2018

A live storytelling event called “Suitcase Stories,”organized by the International Institute of New England, which resettles refugees in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, will have seven NH refugees telling their own stories.

One of them, Ageth Okeny, who fled Sudan with her kids to a refugee camp in Egypt before coming to NH, has wanted to share the story of her story for many years.

                                                  Ageth Okeny and family


She says, “When you tell it you feel free.”

“[Many of my friends] just keep thinking about [the stories of their survival] and they’re not moving forward – because it’s pain, inside, by yourself. So when you come [to Suitcase Stories] and talk to people and you’re all here – everyone can come and say ‘I’m on the same page with you.'”

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