Telling Stories: Creating Community One Story at a Time

Tucson Citizen (Tucson, AZ), March 2, 2010


Stories can heal, educate, sell, empower, and/or illuminate. They can be told, performed, journaled, blogged, social media’d, and/or written. Here are some on-line locations where you can learn more about storytelling applications.

The National Storytelling Network has five special interest groups dealing with healing, producing storytelling events, storytelling in higher education, storytelling in organizations and storytelling in primary and secondary education.

In the blog A Storied Career, Kathy Hansen explores traditional and postmodern forms/uses of applied storytelling such as journaling, blogging, organizational storytelling, storytelling for identity construction, storytelling in social media, storytelling for job search and career advancement.

There’s a new application on Facebook that can help you post your stories in short Facebookable snippets. Snipisode lets you schedule status posts as episodes of a story or feature. It’s the Perils of Pauline of social media.


Subjects Covered: business, education, healing

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