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We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming NSN events. This page is where you will find more information about each of our events as well as registration if currently available.

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Fringe Performances | February 19th

Once I Learned the History by Nick Baskerville
5pm Central

The history of the fire service has amazing, incredible, and funny stories. Not all the stories have been shared, though. Get ready to hear a collection of stories that highlights the accomplishments of African Americans through the history of the fire service.

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Ladies of the Ballads by Aunt Li-Anne
7pm Central

Stories and Songs based around Three Ladies from Ballads:
1. Lady Isobel and the Elf Knight
2. The Lady Rhiannon (Twa Wizards)
3. The Lady of Shallot

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Fringe Performances | March 19th

Sadec 1965 by Flora Le
5pm Central

My show coalesces my attempts at posthumously understanding my enigmatic and estranged Vietnamese immigrant father through his voluminous love correspondence (600+ letters) written during the Vietnam War, and through my solo travels across Vietnam on a motorcycle in 2013.

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Sweetful and the Magic Circus By Katie Green
7pm Central

What does it take to convert a conforming middle-class white girl to a fearless political activist? How does experience transform our values and put them in motion? This story brings to life the tumultuous 1960s and Katie’s personal revolution that followed the compelling lessons that went along with it.
*Adult in listening style and interest – simply not created for children.

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Fringe Performances | April 16th

Amok By Emil Guillermo
5pm Central

How a poor Filipino kid from California finds his way home from NPR and Harvard.
*Language and Adult Subject Matter

Mary Magdalene by Sandra Measels
7pm Central

Mary Magdalene lived her life with courage, faith, and love. She had money. She also had demons, and then she met a man. That man destroyed her demons, and she became his faithful follower and patron. She was an eyewitness to one of the most dramatic stories ever told, and she told that story as nobody else could.

Fringe Performances | May 21st

The Winner By M.J. Kang
5pm Central

M.J. Kang is Korean. She’s a winner. She wins so many things her husband and daughter start a list of items they want her to win. When an encounter near her home reminds her that to some, she’s not a winner, but a target, she re-lives the stories from her childhood.

Love Me, Love My Body by Claire Hennessy
7pm Central

A humorous look at body image. My weight, which has been an issue my whole life, went up and down depending on which diet was successful. Then I decided to try self-acceptance instead. With the help of an old friend, a diabetes diagnosis and some serious spiritual delving, I came up with the secret to loving my body and myself.

Fringe Performances | June 18th

How To Be Japanese by Miyo Yamauchi
5pm Central

Normal: conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. All of us at some times or in some ways feel like outsiders. That whatever it is that is normal does not include us. But when we enter a new culture, we actually are the outsider. An excellent vantage point to question the status quo.

Empowerment, Part I by Malcolm Grissom
7pm Central

August Wilson was one of the most influential African-America playwrights of the 20th century and of Malcolm Grissom’s life. His work in The Century Cycle has inspired Malcolm to write a series of stories based on some of his most famous plays. “Empowerment, Part 1” is a comedy based on Wilson’s play “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone” and explores the concepts of identity and relationships.

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