The Beaver Tail Light House Tale

Told by Ken Galipeau

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About the Story

galipeauThis story comes from the most important and joyous time of my life. Though I grow up in New Jersey, having a summer place in Rhode Island next to my relatives, including Uncle Ish, was one of the best things my parents did for our family. My father commuted on a weekly basis from New Jersey to Rhode Island. The summer experiences and family love deeply shaped who I am today.

About Ken

Ken Galipeau is a collector of stories, songs and poems that touch our hearts and funny bone. The stories and songs in Ken’s eclectic repertoire celebrate the wonder, absurdity, pain and joy of life, imagination, and the soul.  He presents them with energy, enthusiasm, and a sincerity that makes you tingle through and through–the feeling you have after a belly laugh or a chill in the bones from a unsettling ghost story. Ken tells for all ages and specializes in family events and campfires.

Contact Ken

Phone: 973-983-6611

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