The resurgence of the storyteller

The resurgence of the storyteller

The Hindu Business Line (Chennai, India), March 12, 2015


It’s beyond doubt that storytelling has immense power as a tool to make people believe in an idea. For different kinds of professionals (educators, human resource managers, marketers, etc.) different reasons are fuelling the storyteller phenomenon. Specifically, in the case of marketers, the hype around storytelling stems not as much from any newfound novelty in the idea but largely a response to the impending challenge in vying for audience attention. Marketing, like many other practices, has undergone changes since the beginning of the last century.

With the arrival of the Internet and availability of numbers, marketing started to see some change.
Stories today being created by marketers are supposed to move people to think and feel a certain way.

The new media are allowing marketers to tell better and complete stories.

It can fairly be said that success in marketing would favour one who can tell a good story.

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