by Mary K. Clark.

This essay, The Storytelling Project Model: A Theoretical Framework for Critical Examination of Racism Through the Arts  by Lee Anne Bell & Rosemarie A. Roberts describes . . .

. . . the evolution of a theoretical model for teaching critically about racism and racial stories utilizing the arts. We reflect on the collaborative theory-building process used to develop the model, our use of the arts to create spaces of learning where racial stories can be unsettled and reexamined, and the potential of this model to guide educational projects in which participants construct alternative stories geared toward social justice.

A brief description of the article can be found on the Center on Diversity and Community website and you may download the PDF file here.

What types of storytelling models have you used to help people build understanding on the topic of racism or other difficult topics?

What other resources should we be aware of on this or similar topics?

Thank you to Tim McMahon from the University of Oregon for bringing this essay to our attention.

– Mary


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