Traditional Storytelling Celebrates Life, Nature

The Missoulian (Missoula, MT), January 23, 2005


Rob Collier’s grandmother was the storyteller in his life. She shared tales every day, at every opportunity.

Now Collier is sharing what he learned from her and other members of his Nez Perce Indian tribe. On Saturday, at Travelers’ Rest State Park, he told nine tribal stories, each explaining some aspect of nature or a moral lesson.

In times past, he said, Indian storytelling often involved one, long continuous story that lasted night after night, a seamless explanation of the hows and whys of life, death and the world.

“You can go outside and turn around, and there is a story for every rock, every tree, every bush you can see,” said Collier. “Everything was explained by a story.”


Subjects Covered: diversity training, education

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