Traditional Tales From Scotland

Event for Ages 10+

Scotland has a rich heritage of Folk Tales many of which have come down to us through the Scottish Travelling People who are the custodians of a rich oral tradition. Many of our tellers have learned these stories directly through this tradition and will pass them on “eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart”. Between the tales, we will be weaving songs and music. Presented by the Scottish International Storytelling Festival:

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“Gold in the Peats” told by Peter Vallance
“Gold in the Peats” is a story from the telling of George Peterson from the Shetland Islands. Peter’s grandfather was born in the Shetlands.
Born and raised in rural Scotland, Peter is Artistic Director of the Universal Hall within the Findhorn Community where he promotes, teaches and performs traditional and contemporary dance, music, song and story. He organizes celebrations of the Celtic Festivals and an annual Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song. He travels internationally teaching dance and telling stories.

“The Hunchback” told by David Campbell
Writer, poet, storyteller, broadcaster. ‘Inside everyone is a child waiting to hear or tell a story.’ My international story-tours taking the tales of our Celtic heritage along with the lore learnt from my twenty years with the legendary tinker/traveller Duncan Williamson assured me of the truth of the above quotation.

Selkie Tale told by Janis Mackay
Scottish storyteller and author, is from Edinburgh and has told stories around the world. She leads the Storyteller’s Apprenticeship at the Scottish Storytelling Centre and is currently doing a PhD on the mythology of the selkie and the Cailleach.

“Supernatural Tale” told by Heather Yule
Heather will be telling one of the supernatural tales she learned as a child from the master storyteller, and Scottish traveller, Stanley Robertson.
Heather grew up surrounded by traditional storytelling and music. Over the years she has developed her own unique way of combining storytelling with the music of the clarsach (the Scottish traditional harp). Heather has travelled throughout Scotland, and abroad, performing, teaching, and leading workshops.

Songs and Tunes by Mairi Campbell and David Francis will be interspersed between the Stories
Mairi Campbell is a musician, composer, improviser, actor and facilitator, whose work is rooted in, and draws from her personal stories and cultural concerns. David Francis is a songwriter, singer, dance caller and storyteller with a strong commitment to Scotland’s traditional culture and its place in Scottish life.
Story Titles: Mairi – Traditional Scots Song; David – Traditional Scots Ballad; Mairi and David: Auld Lang Syne (Robert Burns, arr. M. Campbell and D. Francis)


Peter Vallance

Heather Yule

David Campbell

Janis Mackay

Mairi Campbell

David Francis

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