Storytelling Training & Mentoring

NSN members bring together a remarkable depth and breadth of storytelling experience in individual, organizational and professional development.

They share this expertise through workshops, master classes, conferences and teleconferences, special interest and discussion groups, list serves and forums, as well as one-on-one and group mentoring. They share among NSN members, as well as bringing storytelling’s unique perspective and approach to a wide array of artistic and professional disciplines, including education, healing and medicine, theology, event production, organizational and corporate development, along with peace and environmental concerns.

Here are several examples of those training and mentoring opportunities available now:

The National Storytelling Conference brings together NSN members, as well as individuals and organizations from across the country, who are interested in the art and application of storytelling. Members and non-members present pre-conferences, master classes, keynotes, workshops and performances appealing to a variety of interests and developmental needs.

Special Interest and Discussion Groups join together within the structure of NSN to explore and share expertise in their specific areas of interest:

NSN Forum and Storytell List Serve offer targeted Q & A and wide-ranging discussions on a variety of topics. The experts are waiting.

Resources NSN has curated informative articles and sites, sorted by category.


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