Tuberculosis Storytelling Project for King County Residents

Enumclaw Courier-Herald (Enumclaw, WA), August 3, 2013



The TB Voices Project for King County seeks people to share their experiences about tuberculosis (TB), whether it affected themselves or someone else in their lives. The project runs until October 2013. The purpose of the TB Voices Project is to allow individuals from all generations throughout the county to tell their TB story, and in turn, these stories can help persons around the globe currently impacted by TB.

The TB Voices Project goal is to bridge the gap of understanding between past and present tuberculosis (TB) experiences in Washington state and present TB realities in global communities with a high burden of TB. With consent, we will document individuals’ TB experience using either photos, video/voice recordings, and/or their written story. Again, with their consent, we will share their insights through our TB Photovoice website and at community education opportunities/events. TB Voices will also share these perspectives as a collective with TB health providers, decision makers, and the public to create a more compassionate and supportive community for those currently affected by TB.

The TB Voices Project for Snohomish and King County is a project of TB Photovoice, in partnership with the Firland Foundation. Since 2006, TB Photovoice (based in Snohomish, WA) has worked around the world to amplify the voices of individuals directly impacted by TB so that they, as well as their communities, can improve their overall health.


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